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This is my first foray into writing comics. I have been doing goofy little stories involving an entourage of characters since middle school. I sort of wish the sophistication of my humor had changed a little more drastically since then, but I'm awkwardly realizing it hasn't. This comic is basically just for practice and keeping myself amused on those long winter nights when my wife locks me in the storage shed for making too many puns.

Art & Style
The earlier strips are in stick figure form because I find the absence of details opens a world of interpretive ambiguity for the reader, where their own mind fills in the expressions, tones, and subtle movements of the subject matter. Oh, and I can't draw. That too. I've been drawing stick figure scenes for 15 years. In 2010 I switched to full faces and bodies - something I had never tried since kindergarten - which is the level my skills are currently at.
Strip #1: Stick Figures
Strip #45: Color starts popping in, inconsistently. 
Strip #57: Faces appear with the introduction of Malvolio T. Mordred.
Strip #101: No more stick figures (see #100 for their demise).
The comic is drawn with Adobe Photoshop. I use a Wacom Bamboo Graphic Tablet. The lettering is done with a free font called A.C.M.E. Explosive, available online.

The Updates are currently going up on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (plus extra strips when I'm ahead, or on holidays). I really like doing the strip, and always want to spend more time writing, drawing, and posting new strips.

Story & Continuity
There isn't much of a definite storyline. The basic idea is that the characters are historic reenactors who work at the Castleville Medieval Fair (which is of course like a Renaissance fair, but focused on the early medieval time period). To be honest, I didn't even envision the characters as reenactors until I had written 30 strips (which leads to the question "why else would I have written about a Druid, Scotsman, Viking, and Roman Legionnaire sharing a modern residence?" The answer probably has more to do with weird headgear being necessary for telling the difference between the stick figures than anything else.)
I've got lots of plans and ideas for introducing more characters and even short mini-plots (such as daily newspaper comics might have). I also have characters drafted up that will add more diversity to the cast in terms of age, race, religion, etc. Feudal Effort is a serious, long-term project for me, so it will continue to grow and expand with consistent updates throughout the years.

Historical Accuracy
This strip uses a recreated setting of past societies and cultures in history. Sometimes the historical details are heavily researched and very accurate, but sometimes they are nothing but modern stereotypes for a humorous, ironic, or visual purpose. The purpose of Castleville is primarily to convey the magic and wonder of the past, rather than to recreate every exact detail. It's not supposed to be an actual historical town set during a specific year.

Other Intentional "Mistakes":

I have been reading and learning a lot about many of these people and cultures and their artifacts and heritage. I want to work these details in in a way that enhances the strip. But, in the end, my primary goal is to make jokes.

About the Author

Brian Cannon is a Professional Bellydance Photographer, Loyal Subject of the British Empire, Former NFL Coach, Armadillo-Wrangler, Ordained Minister, Medieval Swordsman, Badger Enthusiast, and wielder of Native American Thunder Medicine Powers. His unmitigated haberdashery violates both state and federal law.

Any help or constructive is always appreciated. Please email me at Brian@FeudalEffort.com

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