The Characters

The occupants living at 515 Kestrel Lane (Drew, Scot, Vik, and Lee, and their sundry pets) are just some of the many reenactors and other employees who have flocked to the rural town of Brythony to find employment at the Castleville Medieval Fair. In this small, old town experiencing economic revival, these reenactors have together rented a massive farmhouse (which barely passes inspection).

Determined to be the best reenactors they can be, these four individuals are constantly method-acting, physically and mentally immersing themselves around-the-clock in the costume, culture and conditions of their respective personas. They are young, enthusiastic history buffs pretending to be people from 1000 years ago (or is it vice-versa?! Dun Dun Dun!!)

Drew, the Druid
Drew is a Druid of Ireland, with mysteriously omnipresent antlers poking through his long, black hair. A "right-brain" intellectual, he is intelligent, sensitive, and open-minded to the point of being distracted and naive. He spends his free time exploring nature, communing with animals, and testing new ideas. He enjoys sitting on his favorite stump (formerly his favorite tree), smoking his pipe, and spending time with his pets. He has a slight mischievous streak, especially for puns. While not working as a Druid at the Castleville Medieval Fair, he earns money by temping.

Scot, the Scotsman
Scot is a farmer from the Scottish Highlands, with a kilt, claymore, and a mass of curly, orange hair. He is a pragmatic hedonist, and spends his time indulging himself. Despite this, he has a good heart and a cynically wise mind. Scot also has a pet sheep-goat named Lord Rammington III, Esquire - a massive, burly animal of questionable taxonomy who will eat anything, head-butt anything, and urinate on anything. When not working at the Castleville Medieval Fair as a farmer, Scot has a part-time weed-whacking job on the town's maintenance crew.

Vik, the Viking
Vik is a warrior of Scandinavia, with a collection of deadly weapons and the (completely historically inaccurate) horned helmet. He is passionately devoted to his warrior identity, and spends much of his time training for combat (when he's not playing video games or watching T.V.). Vik is very hyperactive, often delusional, and slightly psychotic. His use of (what he believes to be) medieval Scandinavian drugs may have affected his mind somewhat. He considers his identity and persona very important to him, even if it is sometimes superficial. When not working at the Castleville Medieval Fair as a Viking trader, Vik works at the town's massive super-store: Omni-Mart.

Lee, the Legionnaire
Lee is a woman, covering her long hair under a helmet in order to join the Roman army in disguise. A "left-brain" intellectual, she is well educated, logical, and delights in the classic works of literature and philosophy. She is usually very rational and grounded (for a person who wears a pileated helmet around all the time) and puts up with a great deal of shenanigans from the others. However, she does have limits and can become highly irritable and violent. When not working as a Roman guard at the Castleville Medieval Fair, she works at the local bookstore "Pages and Pages", where she has little tolerance for customers.

Other Characters

Dark Lord Malvolio T. Mordred, and Kat
Malvolio T. Mordred believes himself to be a Dark Lord, whatever exactly that is. He devotes his time to the study of the occult, trying to master the powers of evil, and also find a clever anagram of his name (like so many "Doctor Who" villains). His girlfriend Kat is always loyally standing by to watch him fail at life. Malvolio hopes to be a Dark Lord reenactor at Castleville, despite the fact that there is no historical documentation of Dark Lords ever existing. Malvolio T. Mordred moves in with the Reenactors shortly after strip 226. (First introduced in strip #57)

the Magic Badger (or "Madger")
Badger is a talking Badger who claims an evil wizard transformed him from human to badger. He is very interested in knowledge and information, and spends much of his time learning about the world and its current events.

Min, the Minstrel
Min is a medieval Minstrel, singing songs, reciting poems, and telling stories to make her way in the world. She makes her first appearance in Strip 151, though she was mentioned several times before because of Drew's romantic interest in her.

Frankie (the Frank)
Frankie is a seven-year-old neighbor of Drew, Scot, Vik, and Lee. He is energetic, inqusitive, and imaginiative. He often seeks answers from Scot (who may not be the best source of reliable information). Frankie first appears in Strip 72.

Duke, the Duke of Castleville
Duke first appears briefly in Strip 52, then more fully in Strip 57 interviewing Malvolio T. Mordred. He is the main boss/manager of the historic reenactors at Castleville.

Al, the Alchemist
The next-door-neighbor of the reenactors, Al is constantly inventing things and exploring the alchemical sciences. He first appears in Strip 155

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