Oct. 28, 2011
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The first round of the MERP Debate is over. More strips later, I'm sure.
Today's strip is probably the oldest ones I've run, considering the time elapsed between writing the basic dialogue and actually getting around to drawing it.

Drew and Lee are watching Macbeth Act I Scene 2
The play describes Macbeth fighting the Viking King Sweno (who died before Macbeth even hit puberty)
The town of Cawdor (which Macbeth is given) didn't exist in the 11th century.
Banquo never existed. Neither did Fleance. Shakespeare got them out of Holinshed's "Chronicles of Scotland" (also not super-accurate).
They refer to "dollars" and "cannons" - obvious anachronisms
And while Macbeth existed, his territories were in the north of Scotland. And then King Duncan I of southern Scotland (same age as Macbeth) tried to take over Macbeth's territory, so Macbeth defeated him in open battle. No historical evidence of witches is known to exist.