Aug. 3, 2011
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I recently bought my wife a surprise gift of two Russian Dwarf Hamsters, which are extremely cute. However, they love to run on their wheels at night. Of course, no surprise there to anyone who has been initiated into the world of crepuscular critters. This rattles the cage, as the wheel is attached to the wall, and makes a lot of noise. So I got an external wheel that didn't rattle the cage. Which worked for a while, but then started squeaking. So I put Vaseline on the axle, and now the wheel spins completely silently. You can't even hear it from a few feet away.
Problem solved, right? Of course not. This is an enclosed wheel that hangs off the side of the cage. The hamsters enter through a single hole connected to the tube. So the little furballs started filling their cheeks with seeds from their bowl, and then emptying the load inside the wheel chamber. They then proceed to run on the wheel, sending the seeds into a cascade of unceasing rattling that is louder than any previous noise. So now I take their wheel away for a few hours after feeding them fresh food. It's a battle of cunning, but I swear I'm going to win out over these hamsters.