June 30, 2011
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When I learned that Howler Monkeys can't cross their arms across their throat very easily, and that they rely heavily on their prehensile tails to assist them in climbing, my first though was "wow. I guess it would be pretty hard for them to use a two handed sword." That's the sort of person I am.

Scott's "Wizzard Hat" isn't really mispelled - it's alluding to the wizard hat of Rinceward from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. You should really read some of the books if you haven't already. (If you have read them, you should read them again).

The strip's title is taken from the Dead Alewive's "Dungeon's and Dragons" skit. It's pretty hilarious. (The youtube video splices a few sequels onto the original  3 minute skit)

Also, if you're ever thinking to yourself "how come Tom Hanks was never in any laughably bad movies?" then perhaps you should rent this film. Or you could watch "Joe vs. the Volcano." But I wouldn't recommend it.