Feb. 23, 2011
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So here's a bit of useless trivia. The four reenactors are partially modelled after the four main rebel starfighters from the original Star Wars trilogy. The very first incarnation of the quartet that eventually became Feudal Effort was four unnamed starfighter pilots who were part of the various space battles. They would rant about all sorts of stupid stuff as they flew through their mission (it was written up in play form, with occasional stick figures).Yeah, I was a geek in middle school.
Drew is based on the X-wing. He was meant to be the most relatable character, the "Everyman" of the group.
Scott is based on the Y-Wing. He's the oldest, and is relatively sluggish and bulky. He is in a way the least sophistcated of them all.
Vic is based on the A-Wing. He's the lightest and fastest (i.e., hyper) of the group, and has less power.
Lee is based on the B-Wing. She's the most technically sophistcated and also carries the most fire power.
Their personalities have evolved, but ultimately the starfighter they each flew is what gave them the foundation of their personalities.