Nov. 21, 2010
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Malvolio's monologue is borrowed from "Hamlet".

In other news, I bought some leather at a SCA event. I had been wanting to do leatherworking for while, making sheaths and pouches and such. But I didn't want to pay the high price for leather (since I'd probably be messing it all up) and didn't want to fuel an industry that kills animals for non-vital resources. However, I was fortunate enough to circumvent both problems when I found a deal. $20 for about 6 yards of leather. It's from a couch. That's right, someone killed and skinned a couch. And I bought the pelt. So now I can make all the pouches and sheaths I want. Or I can make an awesome, awesome leather cloak (with machined upholstery stitching running along the back).