Oct. 25, 2010
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This is one of those strips where you can fill in all sorts of references. I started with Smurfs, and then I thought about Fraggles. Fraggles are perhaps funnier, and their subterranean world ties in well thematically, but they're not as ubiquitous as Smurfs. Pokémon is more topical, but that might make the strip seem dated sooner. See how much thought goes into these strips before I finally settle on someone making a pun then getting kicked in the crotch?

I wanted to do a comic on a black canvas, cutting out the illuminated features by using negative space. However, I suck at drawing. So I couldn't do that.

Also, last night I finally filled out the final page of my Feudal Effort idea notebook. I don't think I've ever filled out an entire notebook (dedicated to a single purpose) before. That's 100 6x9.5" pages (both sides) of a Staples wire-bound notebook. That's a lot of bizarre ideas. I usually copy the ideas onto my computer to back them up, then throw out the used pages. So, my notebooks won't be around to become collectors' items. Which would be funny, because most of my notes are illegible and (through obscure comments and twisted logic) only make sense to me. I pity the archaeologist who discovers my notes. "World Peace achieved by Global Spank-Meister? What!?" Sometimes even I have no idea what my notes mean. Good thing I'm not a doctor. "Give the guy with the bookish hair the meds that are like feral cats". Many people would die.