Sep. 27, 2010
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Thanks to readers Melanie and Jenna (as well as my brother David), I have finally been motivated to get an official facebook page. Come and officially "like" Feudal Effort! (There's a Facebook application thing at the bottom)

I've added a "top 12 strips" sampler section - a good link to share with friends. It's almost impossible choosing a top 12, since everyone has different favorites. Sometimes my personal favorites bomb, and vice versa.

Like Malvolio T. Mordred's anagrams in Strips 60,61, and 62, I came up with the anagrams on my own, though I'm sure they're elsewhere on the internet. I included Vik's "work" to save my readers a minute of their time if they wanted to check it themselves. I'd like to say that no political conspiracy theorist could be quite unhinged enough to put stock in this, but I'm not so sure...