Sep. 13, 2010
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Today's strip is pretty much based on my inner monologue. Each major character represents a part of my psyche, and their friction is often drived from how my brain works. The above dialogue was my logical, intellectual, and loftily idealistic side (Lee) talking to my passive, hedonistic, mellow side (Scott). The specific items involved were Space Ghost Coast to Coast, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Vanilla Oreos, and Southern Comfort. Except it was at night, and I was not actually drunk.

In other news, my new cat is too perfect. I begin to suspect he's some sort of alien lifeform, built to resemble a cute kitten in order to closely observe humanity. But the aliens modeled him after the common idea of what cats are supposed to be like, not what cats actully are like. It's one of those cases where the deception fails because it's too prefect. For example, he spends hours playing with the cat toys and scratching platforms we bought him. He's a cat who loves commcercial cat furniture! This is not normal! They're supposed to ignore anything you buy them and go straight for the couches. He also loves to crawl into your lap; but if you set him aside, he'll curl up next to you and stop interrupting your work. I'm keeping an eye on him.