Jul. 5, 2010
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Good day! I'm off on summer vacation this week, and will be at an isolated cabin in the mountains, with no cell phone reception or connection to the outside world. There may or may not be zombies.
Since I will be unable to update this week, as I plan to spend all of my time fighting off legions of the undead, I have uploaded my strips early.

Remember, no peeking ahead! If you read Friday's strip early, you'll throw off the entire space-time continuum, and be left with no new strips for the rest of the week.


Full Disclosure - all of the facts here are accurate, but admittedly some of them are delivered in a not-straight-forward way. For example, I focus on the Blue Fin Tuna, which is the most endangered type. Most Tuna sold is not Blue Fin. However, all tuna is at risk to some extent. Will Blue Fins be extinct by 2013? Maybe not, as fishing becomes commercially unviable as fish become rarer (like the cod). But maybe not. Tuna can be located and tracked more easily than most fish, as they're warm-blooded.
Another negative aspect is that industrial fleets wipe out Tuna populations that local one-little-boat fishermen around the world depend on. Small island communities face famine when world demand for Tuna causes mass harvesting off inhabited shorelines. (especially in poorer countries that don't have the authority or resources to guard their waters from encroaching foreign fleets.)