Feudal Effort

 Feb. 22, 2010
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Names of the above objects:
"5 planet star": 55 Cancri A (part of a solar binary)
"Cork Planet": HAT-P-1
"Oldest Planet": PSR B1620-26 b
"Molten Planet': Kepler-8b
"Star Diamond": BPM 37093 (aka "Lucy")
"Hot Ice Planet": Gilease 436 b

I read an article about extra solar planets (which I used for panel 8) and then watching a video of a dancing cockatoo. I'm ashamed to say I was more amazed by the dancing cockatoo.
I am also guilty of accusing Star Wars of unrealistic planets, such as having a planet with a molten surface (Episode III) or a stable planet around a binary star (Episode IV). I guess truth is at least equally strange as fiction.

However, astronomers have not yet discovered a massive battle station that resembles a moon.


That's no moon...

Oh, wait, it is a moon

(Mimas), Moon of Saturn