Feudal Effort

 Feb. 17, 2010
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Yep, that's English from 1,000 years ago. Panels 4,5,6 are from "Beowulf", "The Wanderer", and "Cedmon's Hymn", respectively. It was basically more of a German language before Norman French was shellacked over it after the Norman Invasion, and then the Middle English Vowel Shift and the Renaissance "reforms" of English spelling, etc. (along with the addition and elimination of a few letters)

Lee and Drew represent my dichotomous opinion on perscriptive language.

I was thinking about actually translating a real response from Drew into Anglo-Saxon English, but that led to a few problems. It's not a spoken language, it's  incomplete due the limited amount of surviving writings, I don't know very much about the language, and I'm bad with foreign language grammar. And so, after hours of exhaustive research I would still get it wrong and have people correct me (assuming that either of my loyal readers is an Anglo-Saxon scholar).

(Vik's monologue in panel 4 of comic #1 is based on the same poem quoted in panel 5 above)

I think Hwaethwugu ("something") is a hilarious word. We should have kept that in the English language. Although, the Beatles love song "Something" would not sound as beautiful if the lyrics were: "Hwaethwugu in the way she walks attracts me like no other lover..."
It would have better alliteration, though.

Drews antlers are back. Antlers are hard to draw from different angels. This time they're based on a white-tailed deer rather than a mule deer. I'll be tweaking them as I figure out how to draw them, and it will really help when I get a good physical set of antlers to look at as I draw.

I talk too much. I've been drinking lots of caffeine.